The Sivalai Spa concept has been honorably chosen among sixteen Thai spa company candidates to be built and operated exclusively at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, the nation’s heritage club from the reign of King Rama V, owned by the Crown Property Bureau of Thailand since year 2003.

Sivalai Spa’s indigenous menu is structured from an inherited Thai massage technique and the traditional use of herbs. One is developed from a once forgotten traditional slimming treatment and is specially designed for post-childbirth women; while other treatments are a carefully created range of therapies available from Sivalai Spa’s own formula.

The “Thai Vichy” treatment is a unique innovative cultural and technical combination of the East and the West. Harmoniously set in a Royal Thai Contemporary setting it is a glorious fusion of our spa expertise, design skills and local wisdom of craftsmanship. With the great pride of representing the nation’s genuine Royal health & well-being lifestyle, this is the start of our Sivalai Spa legacy to be passed on from generation to generation.
The Royal Bangkok Sports Club